The 3D flooring is a revolution in interior design. The story of the emergence of 3D flooring dates back several decades, but the trend towards its installation in Iran began in 1390. 3D floor coverings have three important features: beauty and diversity, Antibacterial, anti-moisture.3D flooring can be installed in any place that requires the beauty and vitality and environmental health of it. In homes, beauty salons, offices, sports halls, reception halls, pool floorings, etc. In the office space, for example, beautiful paintings of 3D flooring enhance the health and relaxation of the visitors. And will greatly affect the mental and emotional environment of the environment. Or, in sports halls, it will increase energy, resulting in increased vitality and excitement.

Due to the high attractiveness of these floors, pools or beauty salons attract more customers.

Epoxy floors are ideal for parking lanes or as guides for internal hallways of hospitals, aircraft hangars, supermarkets, cabin halls, food factories, and more. It is also an important antibacterial property. Surgical flooring is a requirement

 3D flooring:

Epoxy floors:

A number of beautiful shots for 3d flooring